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BEcause im not staYING  here. 


thank you for all watching me there, please donate a few points to help me get a premium membership on that account, free one as present is gladly accepted :
On deleting my account and to start new again.

So I might disappear sometime haha :"P 
well yes I said before that the computer's on/off button broke. well, we got it back and honestly it has a cheaply done job for $154 bucks :L

Oh well I'm glad I am able to do digital art again x'3 
Okay! I've been needing some inspirational crap... Since the computer I use for digital art is in the service of being fixed, I'm doing traditional art :'P  So out of boredom, I decided to do some sketch trades.  I cannot guarantee I'll be able to answer right away, since there's only a laptop left in this house to work with.  But I can try and say yes about being able to except your trade. 

Rules first here now:
1. I will allow three sketch trades between people at a time.
2. The other trader will have to provide some form of information about the character they want me to draw. 
3. Best is for picture only (will allow written description for those who are unable to get an image)
4. Traditional art is all I can offer atm, if you do digital art, please go ahead and return the sketch with digital art. 
6.  Please comment below if you'd like to participate. Send me a not on which character you'd like to draw. (I will show example of character you want to draw, written description or drawn)
7. I have quite a few characters which are available to be drawn (only a few were attempted to be drawn but were fairly unsuccessful)
8. I can offer chibi/like versions.  Full body humans take longer for me to draw due that I little talent in the body form.  
9. I can also draw dragons (practiced them for years so I'm good at them lol)
(if much of this makes sense, thank you)

Okay once you read my light thingy of rules lol, I'd like you to comment and put a link (thumb,fave-me, heck what-ever) of the character of yours you'd like drawn.  You can explain something to me about the character: past, name, age gender etc.  (I can explain about my character's past too) (optional) 

Please do not ask when it will be finished in the first week or so (if I have not shown my half yet it means I've been busy etc) (but please notify through a note if it has been over three weeks)

Any questions? Please ask in a comment below! 
Also fave this journal. Please tell friends also. 

First batch of sketch trades (open)

yeah, I've got two weeks of drivers education...I got two more dentists appointments this month...I believe I've also got to go into the doctor eventually this month or next...its driving me nuts.  I want to do digital art...but the computer is being fixed..that'll take a while...I'm getting bored now...


I'm losing sleep on top of all this..... @ _ _ _ @
Okay wellll, the computer I use for digital art and really everything just crashed :PPP

You won't be seeing anything from me for the next few month unless we get this fixed x'P…
AWESOME. 4000 point give away go check it out man! 
Yeah sorry I've been so empty profile page is very bleh bleh....

I've been in a bad mood lately so my artistic talent has dropped down (. - .)  But once I get done with the last of my school this week or two I'll be more active and practicing with art x'3 

I also plan on getting a summer job to help reach some goals I've been wanting to reach :)

I know most of my art isn't that great, I'm pretty sure you're just thinking I'm an average artist like many other people here on DA.  My digital art is pretty bad, I don't have much practice with it :'P  If you know anyone or anything that could help me learn more about digital art and to get better at it just send me a note :') 

I have some traditional art I'd love to  upload, but my camera has no batteries and like always this house never has any free, live batteries and my printer scanner doesn't work (Brother sucks)

Anyhow there's a little update on my art life this past month (. - .)

I'd be very happy if you could donate a few point to my donation pool, ones of my goals is to get an endless premium membership! Please help reach my goal thanks! 
Any faves or comments on my weak art is greatly appreciated :) 

Update more later. good day. 
Hey all my watchers if you're interested in buy-able line art just go here!…

this is my second (thirdtheotherisdeleted lol) account which I'm going to finally make it working again x'DD I haven't used it in a while because I'm not popular AT ALL (notpopularanyhowbutwhatever) Soooo, i'm going to be drawing up lineart to sell for points, action off and such.  So thanks for the consideration! and please if you know anyone who might be interested in line art to buy, just direct them to me! I'll be trying to progress in my details and shapes, forms, types and such of my line art!

Wondering why I don't color them and get more attention?  Well my answer for that is because I'm kinda bad at shading as you can tell with a few of my adoptable already ;) 

Yeah I'm just calling myself Dorian on the other account for the heck of it ;)  I love the name Dorian so x'DD 

okay thanks for stopping by and reading this and adding it to your faves thanks! 




I'm suppose to show some of the art, uhm...
Badge Dump by SoftiePaws

okay you'll see me in a while. I'll be on once in a while but prolly won't be posting any art. 

Feel free to comment or fave my art. Feel free to donate a point or two to my donation :) much appreciated!
I'm trying to reach my goal of a premium membership 'till hell freezes over. So thank you a trillion for any points what so ever!!

okay man I've always wanted to do commissions for people and make some points.

But like I have no idea what kinda of commissions to do .-.   I've tried doing maps, but that never got anything. I'd do peoples characters n chibi form but I'm bad at drawing chibis.

I have also considered doing adoptables but that doesn't seem to work either really.

Hey if you're stopping by or whatever, just give me some advice on how to earn points without buying them!. 

if you're just visiting my place for the heck of it.

I'd hug you to death.

Just gimme a llama badge if you haven't already :)  

I'll give you one back if I haven't either :)
Okay today is Saturday.


But anyhow, last Wednesday I bought Manga Studio 5 through Prime on Amazon.
It said it will arrive on the 26th, hopefully it will come because if it doesn't I'll be sorely DissaPoinTed.  

Prepare for more crappy art because i figured some new ways to do digital art better. - . 

Hopefully this paint program will help bring in a few new people to my page.
I know people aren't so interested in blank profile pages.  and in my cheap art. But hopefully and maybe new people will find me and be like: Good art mon. keep up dah sweet work. .-. 

Anyhow, hopefully this will help me with my art :)  (now that my pen nibs are finally getting dull and I finally get a good paint program to use) ? _ ? 

WELL see you on the other side ;)

as in the artists side...where everyone's good....

*tips hat*

Good day chaps! 
1.) You must post these rules.
2.) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3.) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you, and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4.) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5.) Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you.
6.) For the previous rule, don't say something like, "You are tagged if you read that."
7.) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
8.) No tag-backs.
9.) You can't say that you don't do tags.
10.) You MUST make a journal entry! No comments.

Okay so 10 facts about me:
1.  I have a thing called Astigmatism...and its pretty bad :P (caused by the shape of the eye)
2.  I'm trying to decide if i should become a pilot or not.
3.  I HATE HOTELS LIKE SRSLY . . . no matter the quality...
4.  I am determined to become a writer and author of fantasy.
5.  I come from a family of ten...
6.  I'm an introvert and I don't care who knows...
7.  I and home-schooled and plan on being home-schooled until I can't anymore...
8.  I actually had a very bad childhood . . . caused by my own stupidity...
9.  ???
10.  ???  i have nothing now..

1. If you could go anywhere where would you go? 
answer:  i'd go to Ireland.
2. Do you have pets?
answer: uhm...I kinda own a cat.  Well its like the family pet but I deal with it most of the time.  such as clean the litter box, feed it, and clean up what it pukes :I  so technically its my cat.
3. What do you do for fun? 
answer: uhhhhh....I dream @ _ @ heehee...but mostly plot ideas for my novel :>
4. What is the best book/poetry you've ever read? 
answer: WELL...i don't like poetry...but i really don't have a book that i like the best that I've read :PP
5. If you had to name a species, what would you call it? 
answer: Well that depends on what exactly I'm naming....I'd name it..uh.....i dunno :I
6. What is your favorite combination of colors? 
answer: good...combination...i like black n' silveeerr... 
7. What's the most life changing thing that's ever happen to you?
answer: thats almost too personal sorry i can't answer the true thing and event but all i can say is that most life changing thing that ever happened to me would of been when the idea of my novel developed within me.  thats my biggest goal is to become an author o3o
8 If one of your dreams came true which would you want to happen the most?
answer: That the main character from my novel to be real.
9. Are you afraid of anything (like phobia stuff) 
answer: I use out have the fear of getting hurt...but I've over ruled it and now i'm willing to give my life up for anyone if it takes major pain.
10. What is your favorite song right now? 
answer:  uhm....  that O3O

My questions to you...
1: what time of day do you love the most?
2: What country would you like to visit?
3: how often do you go on vacations?
4: how many pets have you had?
5: whats the best gift you ever received?
6: how many books can you guess you've read in your entire life?
7: whats the first letter of your last name?
8: do you like cake with or without frosting? :}
9: whens your birthday...really no need to answer :P
10: Do you like to write? if you do does it ever turn out great?
(i know these questions are lame but...)


to tag people darn...

because no one will answer anything x'DDD

i tag...



and thats free to mention me but do not tag me thank you...

yes i broke the rule and who cares....

anyone who knows of better pixel paint programs to let me now. I want something with smaller pixels at a 50x50 picture.
Let me know!
Hey I'm looking for anyone who could give me a watch!

I'd be glad you give you a watch or a fave or more or a llama back! 

thanks for any watchers!!
that I've been looking for anyone who could do a avatar for me for DA.

to give a bit more of a description on what exactly I really want. (wish)

I wish for:

1: at least a good quality for cheaper or for free.

2: pixel is wanted, if you can't do pixel, that's okay

3: gif is highly wanted, if you can't do gif, I guess that's okay.

4: I would like a chibi gif or image. 

3. someone with experience is greatly required.

Hey thanks for reading, anyone who knows of someone who does for cheap (nothing over 120 points thanks) or for free yadda yadda ydaaa...
IF you want to do this for me, please first tell me what you want as far as points, or an art trade.  Free would be LIKE BOSS of you C':

so yeah, letting you know!

gif or not.

if you know anyone who makes avatars for cheep or free. let me know thanks! 

  1. you must write this rules in your journals
  2. you must write 10 facts about yourself 
  3. (flip it) U - U

I shall answer these questions....even if I'm not in the mood to...

1. Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with? or Is there a person with who you can have a deep conversation?
Last deep convo was with my friend Evvy, (complicated about art)

2. Do you enjoy travelling by means of transport? (e.g. subway, bus, tram, train etc.) 
 . . . hunh  . . . I hate traveling by car, I love planes . . .(sorryIdon'tgethtisquestion)

3. Trip to outer space or bottom of the ocean?
 . . . outer space . . . I hate going under water . . .

4. What was your childhood nickname?

5. Favourite character from Finding Nemo?
oh my muffins I haven't watched that show in years... I'd say Mr.Sting Ray :I 

6. If you'd have to choose, would you choose being blind of deaf? I can still write...and draw....

7. What makes you get out of bed in the morning?
I don't get out of bed for breakfast anymore, I get out to get started for school .-.

8. If your being extremely quiet what does it mean?
it means: don't-talk-to-me-or-i'll-punch-your-face-in or I'm daydreaming

9. Do you smile at strangers?
only if they smile at me .-.  I pretty much give them a grimace though :L

10. Grab the nearest book and open it on page 42 - what's the first line? 
"Thus Rachel died; and she was buried on the road to Ephrath" :)

I was tagged by macroeyed

My questions.

1. If you told you had to sacrifice yourself to someone, who would you sacrifice you life for?
2. What were you first words spoken when a baby? >:]
3. Pick five random words out of a book and made a sentence. 
5. find a sapling, name it, and post a picture of it on DA every week. 
6. When was the last time you went to a funeral.
7. tell us what color shirt you are wearing atm.
8. name an animal that ends with the letter R.
9. type something in a foreign language now. 
10. whats your fave thing to do every day?

return answers back to the one who tagged you.

I tag:
macroeyed kkrevv oukamiyoukai45 Gizmoarchive EtherealEvanescence AutumnPocky 

enjoy lovelies.